Valuation of Real Property in the 21st Century (COMING SOON!)

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Modern Perspectives on the Classic Approaches to Value

Table of Contents (Preliminary)

Preface – Intent of this book, overview, and outline of chapters

Chapter 1 – The Theory of Value and Valuation

Chapter 2 – History of Real Property Valuation Theory and Practice

Chapter 3 – Valuation Models and Methods (Approaches to Value)

Chapter 4 – Real Property Valuation Using Cost Information

Chapter 5 – Commercial Property Valuation Using a New Cost Model

Chapter 6 – Real Property Valuation Using Market Information

Chapter 7 – Real Property Valuation Using Income Information

Chapter 8 – Land Description, Ownership, and Valuation

Chapter 9 – Real Property Taxation, Tax Equity, Limiting Taxes, and Challenging Taxes

Chapter 10 – Eminent Domain Taking of Real Property and Just Compensation